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The Attack of the Black Watch, Battle of Corunna by Harry Payne (P)- Aviation Prints UK
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The Attack of the Black Watch, Battle of Corunna by Harry Payne  (P)

The Attack of the Black Watch, Battle of Corunna by Harry Payne (P)

The Battle of Corunna, 1809: With 20,000 fighting men Sir John Moore invaded a country overrun by 300,000 veterans, and, meeting with no support from the Spaniards, struck boldly at Bonapartes communications. The audacity of this strategy drew from Napoleon that Moore was the only foe worthy of his steel. With characteristic energy Bonaparte abandoned his plan of campaign and set out in pursuit, but rumour of an alliance between Russia and Austria sent him in hot haste to Paris. Soult was left behind to drive the British into the sea. Undismayed by the overwhelming force with which he was threatened, Moore prepared to meet the French. But prudence prevailed. Madrid had capitulated without striking a blow, and the Spanish legions had melted into shadows. Moore decided to fall back upon the coast. His force was so reduced that he had to post his men on an inferior range of hills commanded by the artillery fire of the enemy. But advantage of position and superior numbers were of no avail against the gallantry of the British. By a skillful move Moore managed to outflank the left of the French columns sent to crush the infantry under Baird. Centre and left became engaged and a furious fight swept along the line. Moore was in the forefront of the conflict near the village of Elvina, against which the assault was fiercest. Here a cannon shot struck him on the left breast, shattering the shoulder to pieces, breaking the ribs over the heart and tearing the muscles to shreds. Thrown violently from his horse he gave no sign of the terrible nature of his would, but fixed his gaze steadily on his troops. Only when he saw the thin red line advancing did he suffer himself to be carried to the rear. The hilt of his sword had entered the wound and an officer of his staff would have removed it. It is as well as it is, said the dying soldier, I had rather it should go out of the field with me. I hope my country will do me justice, were among his last words. By his skill, foresight and bravery, he saved Englands army from destruction and arrested the blow that Napoleon aimed at the conquest of Spain.
Item Code : VAR0605PThe Attack of the Black Watch, Battle of Corunna by Harry Payne (P) - This Edition
Original chromolithograph plate published by Raphael Tuck and Sons, 1915.Part of the Glorious Battles.

Plate image size 7.5 inches x 5.5 inches (19cm x 14cm), paper size 10 inches x 7 inches (25cm x 18cm)none£58.00

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